Cabramatta High School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Cabramatta High School

School code: 8209

Number of students: 1506

Principal: Elizabeth Godwin

Director Educational Leadership: Scott Davidson

Principal Network: Fairfield

Our funded school initiatives

The formal Second in Charge (2IC) program increases leadership capacity and the effective implementation of faculty initiatives and programs. All executive staff have a 2IC who is selected through a merit selection process. Annual plans and targets are developed for each 2IC in consultation with senior executive and executive staff.

Impact and achievements

  • This arrangement increases leadership capacity and effective implementation of faculty programs.
  • Administrative load is shared allowing each person to have a greater focus on curriculum development and professional learning.
  • Strong support for the leadership team plus good governance contributes to low teacher turnover(approximately 3% per annum) and strong community engagement with up to 60 parents at monthly school council meetings
  • Staff ready to fill in across the system to support system leadership density.

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