Broke Public School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Broke Public School

School code: 1367

Number of students: 79

Principal: Lesley Burley

Director Educational Leadership: Sean Andrews

Principal Network: Upper Hunter

Our funded school initiatives

  • Staffing supplementation to release teaching principal.
  • Teachers are provided planning time for Consistent Teacher Judgement forums, linked to plotting all of the students on the Learning Progressions Kindergarten to Year 6.
  • Teachers have also been provided with the opportunity to critique and learn skill through observing each others’ teaching.
  • Engagement of a School Learning Support Officer to support writing. Release has been provided for class teachers to collaboratively plan and review data.

Impact and achievements

  • School focused on Instructional Leadership to improve student educational outcomes. Principal works side-by-side with early career teachers with a 2018 focus on writing.
  • The school is well on the way to meeting the Premier’s Priority targets with the following 2018 results in writing: Year 3 Writing NAPLAN shows increased growth in top 2 bands from 13.3% of students in 2017 to 18.2% in 2018 with a reduction in bottom 2 band students from 33.4% to 18.2%. Year 5 Writing NAPLAN shows increased growth in the middle bands from 56.6% to 70%. Year 5 Writing NAPLAN shows a reduction in bottom 2 band students from 44.4% to 30%. Increased percentage of Year 3 students in the top 2 bands of Grammar and Punctuation, Writing and Numeracy. This is progressively increasing each year.
  • At least 70% of all students demonstrate expected growth per semester across the literacy and numeracy progressions, relevant to expected time frames.
  • Increased proportion of students demonstrating active engagement with their learning as measured by internal and external school data, classroom observations and surveys.

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