Beverly Hills Girls High School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Beverly Hills Girls High School

School code: 8255

Number of students: 994

Principal: Colin Skene

Director Educational Leadership: John Selby

Principal Network: Beverly Hills

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

English Language Proficiency loading - employ additional 0.4 FTE EAL/D teachers above entitlement.

Impact and achievements

More explicit support for EAL/D students as well as scope for additional ‘parallel’ classes in core subjects in Stage 4.

Initiative 2

Low level adjustment for disability loading - employ additional 0.3 FTE LaST and 1.6  FTE SLSO to support students with additional learning needs, with a focus on literacy.

Impact and achievements

Targeted support for NAPLAN preparation, increased levels of in-class support for identified students, and professional learning to support all teaching staff in differentiation for diverse learners.

Initiative 3

Socio-economic background loading - extended library opening hours (extra 6 hours per week).

Impact and achievements

Students have increased access to teachers, the internet and other ICT facilities that may be limited by socio­ economic factors, and 5 laptop trolley banks (20 per trolley) available for class and after-school use.

Initiative 4

Socio-economic background loading/ Aboriginal loading - ensure equitable access to enriched curriculum offerings for all students.

Impact and achievements

Students are supported, where appropriate, to participate fully in the curriculum of the school, the breadth of curriculum is increased due to flexible funding to employ staff, and targeted support for students impacted by socio-economic factors (uniform, course fees for consumables, excursion payments, access to cultural programs).

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