Bennett Road Public School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Bennett Road Public School

School code: 4285

Number of students: 573

Principal: Glen Leaf

Director Educational Leadership: Karen McSpeerin

Principal Network: Eastern Creek

Student Engagement for Learning

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

School engagement for learning - the school utilises funding to employ additional classroom teachers to lower the number of students in each class; funding has been used to allow time for teachers to develop and deliver three different social skills programs that cater to different stages within the school. These programs support team building, self-awareness and emotional development, communication, relationships and leadership; the school employs the ‘Liven Deadly’ program to enhance our Aboriginal students’ knowledge and understanding of the history and importance of traditional Aboriginal culture and to develop students’ confidence in representing their views about themselves, their culture and the school. In addition to our full time Aboriginal Education Officer (AEO) we also hire and additional AEO three days a week to support learning outcomes for our Aboriginal students; and funding is used to employ a speech therapist and also a number of School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs) who deliver learning interventions.

Impact and achievements

Teachers use data to personalise and tailor teaching for each individual student - every student receiving intervention has a learning profile that is understood and catered for by a range of trained teachers, SLSOs, AEOs and a speech therapist; Aboriginal students have a range of achievement consistent with all other students; and there has been a 38% reduction of negative playground referrals over the last two years.

Initiative 2

Community Engagement for Learning - the school employs a Community Liaison Officer to develop and strengthen links between the school and its local outside agencies. As well as this the school also employs a Family Education Worker from the Mt Druitt Family Referral Service. Both positions support family crisis and provide opportunities for families to connect with what is happening and what is available for them within their local community.

Impact and achievements

Genuine partnerships exist between the school and the local community which support an embedded, holistic approach to improving student outcomes and wellbeing by focusing on the whole family; parents and carers are well informed about their child’s learning goals and can work alongside the school to ensure their success; communication links between the school and its community are strong; the school makes decisions that are responsive to community feedback.

Initiative 3

Instructional Leadership and Coaching/Mentoring - the school has used funding to subscribe all teachers to an online resource ‘A Learning Place, A Teaching Place’ (ALP ATP) which was purchased to increase teacher knowledge and understanding of how to teach and plan for conceptual development in mathematics. It has provided professional learning on the content and pedagogy needed for successful numeracy lessons; and the school self-funds 0.2 FTE to top up our 1.8 FTE Instructional Leader allocation allowing us to employ two full time Instructional Leaders at deputy principal level, one for literacy and one for numeracy.

Impact and achievements

Teachers receive ongoing professional learning to improve the teaching of literacy and numeracy - students are taught by teachers who have expert knowledge about teaching literacy and numeracy; coaching conversations have improved teacher knowledge and strengthened evidence-based teaching and learning practices across the school; and early Career Teachers are supported in their developing knowledge and understanding of the teaching profession. The collaboration between the Instructional Leaders and the teachers has resulted in improved literacy and numeracy across the school as evidenced through external and internal assessment measures.

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