Belmore North Public School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Belmore North Public School

School code: 1185

Number of students: 330

Principal: Janet Burling

Director Educational Leadership: Megan Kelly

Principal Network: Canterbury

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

Employing a consultant, John Fleming, former deputy principal of Haileybury Junior School, Keysborough, Victoria, to support the implementation of explicit direct instruction. Haileybury Junior School is consistently ranked in the top 0.5% of schools across the country based on NAPLAN data. The John Fleming method of explicit teaching is based on neuro-science and the pedagogy facilitates the transfer of learning from short-term memory to long term memory as well as differentiating learning for all students. The school is developing its signature pedagogy to ensure succession planning.

Impact and achievements

In 2018 NAPLAN, 73.8% of Year 5 students achieved at or above expected growth in Reading compared to 20.1% in 2016 – an increase of 53.7 points. In numeracy there was an increase from 39.7% in 2016 to 58.5% in 2018 – an increase of 18.8 points.

NAPLAN value added results for 2018 are rated at:

  • Sustaining and growing across Years K-Yr 3
  • Sustaining and growing across Years 3-5 and
  • Excelling across Years 5-7

Initiative 2

Employing an additional teacher to facilitate the formation of a multi-age enrichment class for the purpose of extending the learning of students who are achieving at grade expectations.

Impact and achievements

The strategy is in its first year of implementation, however, since 2016 NAPLAN data shows an average 17 point increase in the percentage of students achieving in the top two bands for Year 3 and Year 5 reading and numeracy.

Initiative 3

Providing one day release for each assistant principal for the purpose of continuous improvement of teaching and learning through lesson observation and feedback (by supervisor and peers), lesson demonstrations, team-teaching, supporting effective programming and practice-based professional learning.

Impact and achievements

This strategy is embedding a culture of continuous improvement in the school in a constructive and positive way. It also provides opportunities for distributed leadership by releasing teachers to learn from each other, including teachers with specific expertise such as teaching students with autism.

Initiative 4

Implementing a range of structured programs to improve literacy. These programs include:

  • developing students’ reading comprehension skills
  • Synthetic phonics K-2
  • InitialLit.

Impact and achievements

Year 3 exceeded state average in spelling in 2018 NAPLAN. Year 5 spelling results show steady improvement since 2016. Year 5 match SSSG in reading. Year 5 writing has shown continuous improvement since 2016, and now exceeds state average.

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