Belmore Boys High School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Belmore Boys High School

School code: 8804

Number of students: 340

Principal: Hala Ramadan

Director Educational Leadership: Megan Kelly

Principal Network: Canterbury

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

Effective and meaningful transition programs that moved away from traditional master classes to primary projects tailored around the needs of primary school students. Funds were also used for a Transition Coordinator and Student Leadership Coordinator.

Impact and achievements

Meaningful and effective transition programs linked to authentic student outcomes. Professional learning for primary and secondary teachers. Increase in enrolments from 290 (2016) to 360 anticipated enrolments in 2019.

Initiative 2

School communication and promotion campaign which maximised exposure of positive events through social media and website platforms and other publications. The school’s diversity is promoted and celebrated. Funds were also used for a Community Relations Officer and a Business Manager.

Impact and achievements

Improved community support through the sponsorship of school events and projects and positive stories across local and CALD media. TTFM survey – student level of happiness BBHS – 62% in comparison to 40% for similar schools; positive sense of belonging BBHS – 85% in comparison to 70% of similar schools.

Initiative 3

P&C Learning Project. Implementation of tailored learning programs to upskill parents, improve employability skills and promote lifelong learning in families. This included English classes, educational support, floristry, and sewing. Graduation ceremonies and field trips were organised which served to empower women from CALD communities.

Impact and achievements

TTFM survey results and focus group feedback indicates the school is perceived as a community hub. Parents from traumatic/refugee backgrounds are engaged with the school. Increased awareness of issues facing boys in the 21st century has resulted in increased alignment between home and school.

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