Bass High School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Bass High School

School code: 8223

Number of students: 613

Principal: David Horton

Director Educational Leadership: Warren Finn

Principal Network: Chipping Norton

Our funded school initiatives

  • Additional leadership position of deputy principal.
  • Additional Learning and Support positions: Head Teacher Learning and Support, Teacher Learning and Support (Behaviour) coordinating Empower Me program (supporting students with specific  behaviour needs), Learning and Support Teacher coordinating Quicksmart Numeracy program (intensive support for students below numeracy benchmarks), and an additional EAL/D teacher.
  • Aboriginal Education Officer supporting learning and wellbeing of 19 Aboriginal students.
  • Technology Support Officer (TSO) - integrating technology in classrooms. Mobile sets of laptops are available in all areas of the school for use in classrooms. TSO coordinates and supports teachers and students in class using these resources.

Impact and achievements

  • Premier's Priority – Average % NAPLAN Reading and Numeracy Results in Top two bands – improving trend in the percentage of results in the top two bands since 2015 (3.22%) to 2018 (5.30%).
  • Value added – Year 7 to 9 NAPLAN - consistent and positive value added student performance since 2013.
  • Value added – Year 9 to 12 HSC – 2016 (last available) – strong value-added HSC student performance, well above state average.
  • Teacher professional learning aligned to school priorities including Quality Teaching Rounds, Positive Behaviour for Learning and evidence-based teaching practice.
  • Senior Learning Centre supporting HSC students. Students are timetabled to attend where they access support from the Senior Learning Centre Coordinator, university tutors (UWS) and a variety of resources such as computers, study guides and revision booklets. Senior students also use the Senior Learning Centre during recess and lunch for study and as a reference centre.
  • After school Homework Centre provides cost-free tutoring for students 7-12 or homework, assignments and exam preparation. Operates three afternoons every school week 3.00-4.30pm.
  • Mathematics program in conjunction with Georges Hall Public School involves weekly extension maths lessons for Year 5-6 students and maths professional learning support for the opportunity class teachers.

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