Barham Public School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Barham Public School

School code: 1135

Number of students: 132

Principal: Catherine Peach

Director Educational Leadership: Helen McRae

Principal Network: Deniliquin

Our funded school initiatives

  • Teachers across the school engaging in Curiosity and Powerful Learning Training.
  • Employing an extra teacher to allow time for teachers to engage in collaborative planning, learning triads to share best practice by engaging in action learning and to gather and analyse student data.
  • Engagement of SLSO to support students in the classroom and assist in the development of personalised learning plans for students.
  • Release of AP to coordinate and lead collaborative practice across the school.

Impact and achievements

Changing pedagogy:

  • Being able to moderate assessment data and collaboratively plan teaching and learning from the analysis of this data is helping teachers to better target learning for their students and develop important evidence-based teaching skills.
  • Teachers recognise the importance of strong literacy and numeracy skills to higher order learning, and are integrating literacy and numeracy into teaching across all subjects. NAPLAN Results show improvement in Reading and Numeracy.
  • Stage leaders report increasing engagement of teachers during collaborative sessions.
  • Teachers review and evaluate current practices in teaching spelling. A teacher working party re-designs the school's Spelling Scope and Sequence and Framework to better reflect the practices that are being developed as part of the school's evidence informed professional learning schedule. Initial baseline assessment data has been collected for students in spelling, a major curriculum focus within which teachers will develop and practise explicit teaching and evidence based practices as part of the CPL cycles. The trial of the proposed spelling model has enabled teachers to program for explicit teaching and formative assessment. Tailored interventions occur after identification from assessment data of the specific needs of students that they need to target.

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