Arncliffe Public School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Arncliffe Public School

School code: 7401

Number of students: 405

Principal: Pam Ladd

Director Educational Leadership: Craig Smith

Principal Network: Kogarah

Our funded school initiatives

Visible Learning/Bump It Up

  • Arncliffe Public School was identified as a Bump it Up School.
  • Staff have undertaken extensive professional development in Visible Learning and implemented explicit teaching using Learning Intentions, Success Criteria, Purposeful Feedback and data analysis. A common language has been developed across the school.
  • Teachers also engaged in classroom observations and feedback to improve pedagogy and broaden professional conversations across the school.
  • The Visible Learning initiative follows on from the Growth Mindset focus of the school. Students will have a clear knowledge of their learning pathway.

Impact and achievements

  • Data walls are visible across the school for students, staff and parents to access.
  • The average percentage of students in the top two bands for NAPLAN reading and numeracy for Year 3 and 5 students has increased from 36% in 2017 to 40.66% in 2018.

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