Community consultation

The Local Schools, Local Decisions education reform gives principals, in consultation with their school communities, increased local decision making to better meet the needs of students.

Consultative decision making means that groups in a school community have the opportunity to receive information, engage in discussion, put forward ideas, and have their views considered in making a final decision. This does not mean that a majority vote of any or all identified groups in the school community is required. The principal, after consideration of the views of the school community, will make the decision to best meet the needs of the students in the school.

As the context of each school is unique, schools will choose from a range of strategies to engage families and the community in school decision making processes. It is important that families and communities have multiple ways to contribute to whole school processes and that all contributions are valued.

Some opportunities are listed below:

  • meetings with the P&C, the community, the local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG), the School Council, school committees, advisory/consultative groups, focus groups, discussion groups, working parties, staff and executive
  • community forums, online forums
  • discussion papers, written submissions, newsletters, surveys.
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