Resource Allocation Model (RAM)

Since 2014, NSW public schools have been funded through the needs-based Resource Allocation Model (RAM) that ensures a fair, efficient and transparent allocation of the state public education budget.

Benefits of RAM include:

  • more resources provided to schools on a needs basis
  • more resources allocated to schools with the greatest need
  • principals able to strategically allocate resources to support the needs of every student
  • schools have more opportunities to meet their local needs by working together and combining resources within communities of schools and across networks of schools.

From 2018, all principals will also have greater flexibility to vary the staffing mix in their school and employ additional staff to meet their students’ needs.

School plans

Schools develop a comprehensive three-year school plan connected to a budget and student outcomes, in consultation with the school community. The school plan reflects a school’s priorities for improvement in line with the School Excellence Framework. The school plan is published on the school’s website by the end of Term 1, at the commencement of the planning cycle, and updates are published annually.

The school planning and reporting approach aligns one plan, one budget and one report giving NSW public schools greater authority to meet the needs of their communities, and to improve teaching quality and student outcomes.

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