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Customer Service Improvement – at a glance

We are committed to improving customer service and have implemented a range of initiatives to improve our interactions and relationships.

Our commitment to customer service improvement initiatives are part of a whole-of-government program to improve service delivery.

Underpinned by our customer service statement, the department focuses on supporting principals, teachers and support staff to improve the way we interact and engage with our communities. We aim to design and deliver flexible, innovative and reliable services which meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • September 2019 - Background updated with link to new Premiers Priority and Review updated to include latest statistics

As one of the 14 new Premier’s Priorities, Better Customer Service promotes the NSW Government’s commitment to Government made easy and a World class public service.

The Department of Education’s customer service statement includes the vision and values to which all staff are committed.

The department has implemented a range of initiatives to improve our interactions and relationships with our customers. These include the following:

Secondary schools renewal

The Secondary School Renewal Project is improving the physical condition of nearly 60 schools, their amenities and how they present to their local community. The improvements increase school and street activity by making facades and entrances more attractive, improving way-finding and raising the visibility of education in the community. This is making our schools more welcoming for visitors.

An intensive communication support program is available to high schools across the state. Schools can nominate to be involved in the program and will work with a key contact from the Schools Communication and Engagement team. Schools are guided through the process of developing a strategic medium to long-term communication and engagement plan. This will help to build a strong internal school culture, which can focus on a strong commitment to quality customer service, and will help strengthen the school's reputation in the community.

For more information about the communication support program contact Ed Smith, Manager School Communication and Engagement, on 0422 023 074 or Edmund.smith3@det.nsw.edu.au.

Excellence in School Customer Service 360 Reflection Tool

In addition to the intensive support program, the department has developed the Excellence in School Customer Service 360 Reflection Tool (staff only) – a type of survey tool. This initiative helps schools gather feedback on the communication, engagement, and customer service behaviours exhibited to both internal and external customers. This tool is available at no charge to all primary and secondary public schools in NSW and is completely optional.

For more information about the Excellence in School Customer Service tool, or to register, contact 360surveytool@det.nsw.edu.au.

Improve complaint handling processes

In early 2017 we launched our new consumer Complaints Handling Policy and procedures. Complaints managers are supported with a range of resources in the Complaints Managers Toolkit, to respond to complaints promptly and consistently.

From October 2017, the government feedback tool, Feedback Assist will provide consumers with the opportunity to provide their feedback to us, on-line. Feedback provided using Feedback Assist will be directed to the relevant school or service for action. Consumers are encouraged to provide feedback directly to schools and services directly so that complaints can be resolved promptly.

For more information contact Victoria Myerscough, Director Systems and Practice on 9244 5689 or victoria.myerscough@det.nsw.edu.au

School Website Service redevelopment

This major redevelopment will improve the websites of the 2,045 schools using the School Website Service to enable more effective engagement with parents and the community. It will provide schools with new website tools and increased functionality ensuring parents and the community can access school information on their mobile devices and interact from anywhere.

For more information, email swsupport@detcorpcomms.zendesk.com.

Global Experience Framework

The department is changing the way we deliver information online – taking a customer focus and leading the way in government digital transformation. We are making things simpler, faster and easier to use. More than 150 departmental websites will be transitioned to a new technology platform with one visual identity that is being developed based on customer need.

For more information, visit the Global Experience Framework.

School Infrastructure NSW

The department launched a new school infrastructure website to provide information on the NSW Government's capital works and maintenance program for public schools. It will be the online community engagement hub for school community planning. The site will provide extensive data around school assets, enrolment growth and projections.

Student and parent research

Parent-child life cycle research is being undertaken to better understand the experience of a parent through the lifecycle of their child so the department can deliver services and touchpoints that meet their needs. The research will:

  • maximise existing research
  • uncover knowledge gaps and insights into the parent  and child group to help create a picture of what their life really looks like
  • identify actionable insights to inform and drive  future projects
  • build a foundation of customer intelligence to be  shared and leveraged within the department in the future.

Voice of the customer – EDConnect

EDConnect (staff only) was formed in October 2016 as a one-stop shop for shared services support in finance, IT, business services, human resources and procurement. In addition, customers can access services provided by other organisations, such as recruitment, and student management and wellbeing through EDConnect.

EDConnect is now seeking to understand its customers and effectively partner with them to ensure services and improvements are in line with their needs and expectations. EDConnect has established a user council to provide a formal mechanism to receive direct customer input into service delivery and design. It has also developed a new three-tiered feedback structure that will allow EDConnect to measure and report on customer satisfaction with its services, along with capturing feedback to improve service delivery and customer experience.


There are a range of resources to help staff to improve customer service. These help our staff to build satisfaction and ensure that we treat customers with respect.

The Customer Satisfaction Measurement Survey is one tool that we use to measure customer service improvements to ensure we are improving the quality of our services. We're already seeing improvement in overall customer satisfaction with public schools.

The People Matter Employee Survey, conducted by the NSW Public Service Commission is another measure we use to inform better customer service. It provides a key tool for measuring employee engagement and assists in shaping and crafting departmental people-related strategies. The department is exceeding in all key domains surveyed. Our overall engagement score is 68%, above the public sector average of 66%.

For more information about our results and to access our high-level reports, visit the People Matter Employee Survey pages (staff only).

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