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School Leadership Institute – at a glance

The School Leadership Institute is responsible for ensuring ongoing investment in current and future school leaders at key points in their career.

The department established the School Leadership Institute as part of the School Leadership Strategy (2017). It will offer world-class, innovative, evidence-informed, future-focused leadership programs so that our school leaders can focus on the learning of both teachers and students in their schools.

A School Leadership Institute Advisory Board provides expert advice on matters relating to school leadership development in NSW. The board consists of the following members:

  • Emeritus Professor Bill Louden, Chair and University of Western Australia
  • Ann McIntyre, international expert in leadership development
  • Dr Simon Breakspear, international expert in leadership development
  • Chris Presland, President, Secondary Principals’ Council
  • Graeme Ross, Deputy President, Primary Principals’ Association
  • Maurie Mulheron, President, NSW Teachers Federation
  • Chantelle Phair, President, NSW Secondary Deputy Principals Association
  • Michael Duffy, Primary Deputy Principal, Lidcombe Public School
  • Kristine Beeby, Primary Assistant Principal, Werrington County Public School
  • Cindy Berwick, President, NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group
  • Murat Dizdar, Deputy Secretary, School Operations and Performance, Department of Education
  • Joanne Jarvis, Director, School Leadership Institute.

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  • “School leadership is second only to classroom teaching as an influence on pupil learning,” according to Leithwood et al in the 2006 literature review Seven strong claims about successful school leadership (PDF 690 KB).
  • A growing body of evidence around the world shows that investing in leadership at all phases of a school leader’s career will make a substantial difference to the quality of teaching and therefore the quality of student learning.
  • Systemically focusing on effective school leadership enables the greatest impact on our teachers and ultimately the learning of students.

The Aspiring Principals Leadership Program will equip school or system leaders to lead improvement in student learning in NSW public schools.

The program is intensive, evidence-informed and action-oriented. It is for leaders who are already having an impact in schools and seek to expand their influence as a principal.

The flagship program for cohort 1 commenced in Term 3, 2018.

Cohort 2 will commence in Term 1, 2019.

Cohort 3 will commence in Term 3, 2019.

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Joanne Jarvis
School Leadership Institute

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