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Quality Teaching, Successful Students – at a glance

Quality Teaching, Successful Students provides an additional staffing resource allocation to NSW public schools with primary students.

The Quality Teaching, Successful Students (QTSS) initiative – as part of Local Schools, Local Decisions – ensures all primary students benefit from high quality teaching and learning practices that best meet their needs. QTSS provides time to:

  • mentor and coach other teachers
  • observe teachers in their classrooms and demonstrate effective teaching strategies
  • monitor student performance data across the school and ensure teachers are focused on areas of need
  • help schools become thriving learning communities.

While principals, in consultation with their executive, have the flexibility to determine how best to use their QTSS allocation, strategies to enhance professional practice must be evidence-based and focused on improving the quality of classroom teaching.

Principals outline the proposed use of their QTSS staffing resource allocation in the school plan and report on implementation and impact in the annual report.

Find out more in the Quality Teaching, Successful Students section.

A phased implementation of QTSS commenced in Term 3, 2015 and reached full implementation from Term 3, 2017.

QTSS allocations are updated annually.

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