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Great Teaching, Inspired Learning – at a glance

Great Teaching, Inspired Learning is the NSW Government’s plan to improve teaching quality in NSW schools.

Great Teaching Inspired Learning (GTIL) outlines a set of 16 reforms and 47 actions across the whole career cycle of a teacher. The reforms focus on:

  • initial teacher training
  • entry into the teaching profession
  • developing and maintaining professional practice
  • recognising and sharing outstanding practice.

The actions are being implemented over a 5-year period with an evaluation of the reform due in December 2018.

For information on GTIL reforms visit NSW Education Standards Authority.

The former Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, released the discussion paper Great Teaching Inspired Learning on 31 July 2012. This was followed by a consultation period which ended on 2 November 2012. The consultation included the Have Your Say online consultation forum (over 500 comments), nearly 100 individual and group submissions, and meetings with key stakeholder groups.

In response to this feedback, the GTIL – Blueprint for Action was developed.

For more information, visit:

6 March 2013

Former Premier Barrie O’Farrell and former Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli launched the Great Teaching Inspired Learning Blueprint for action.

Implementation is on track and the majority of deliverables completed. The program is scheduled for completion by December 2018.

The  reforms implemented to date include:

For more information about implementation updates, visit NSW Education Standards Authority.

An evaluation is due in December 2018.

Current reviews

  • Evaluation of professional experience placements (due end 2017)
  • Evaluation of cadet and intern programs (due end 2017)
  • Evaluation of School Leadership Strategy (due end 2017)

Past reviews

Contact details

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