NSW is experiencing extraordinary population growth in Sydney and major regional centres.

On current trends, Sydney’s population will double in size in just over 40 years. To put this growth into context, for more than 30 years, NSW public education has had relatively stable student numbers. We are now seeing the first major increase in the school-age population since the Baby Boom of the 1950s.

We need to build, upgrade and maintain our school infrastructure to plan for the growing number of student places required.

  • There will be a massive 21% growth in student numbers by 2031 – nearly 1.5 million students over the next 15 years (an increase of 200,000 additional public school students).
  • 80% of growth will occur in Sydney – particularly in urban growth areas.
  • In many rural communities there will be population changes as families move to regional centres and larger cities. Other centres will grow and the needs of local student populations will change.
  • Sydney’s population projections indicate growth will continue over the next 30 years – the equivalent of 7,200 extra classrooms by 2031.

Central to all this work is the need to ensure that schools respond to modern teaching methods and deliver flexible and adaptable learning spaces to meet the needs of our 21st Century students.

To address the enrolment and growth challenge we have a 10-year rolling capital works plan that provides the security to plan for the long term. This means we can get on with the job driving the planning and construction of school facilities in response to changes around population growth, new ways of teaching, learning, and social change.

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