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Thinking Skills

In this collection of works we explore why thinking skills are considered important for success in an AI-influenced world and what thinking skills our young people need to develop their sense of agency and become proactive, ethical members of society.

Conversation Starter

This conversation starter briefly explores how higher order, deeply embedded thinking skills form a crucial bedrock for student learning and success. These thinking skills set the foundation for lifelong learning and support students’ agency and capacity to engage with increasing complexity. Strong thinking skills are the building blocks that enable students to better know, influence and shape their world.

Panel Event

This panel discussion explores what students might need to thrive in an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-future, and critical questions this raises for today’s education systems. The panel draws on the expertise of leading UNSW academics, and others engaged in the Education for a Changing World initiative.

Occasional Papers

This selection of curated papers provides a more in depth discussion about component parts of the thinking skills for the future debate. Select from topics including: critical and creative thinking, coding and computational thinking, and complex problem solving.


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