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Research findings

These reports analyse the evidence for 21st century skills. How are they best learned and taught in schools? What are other countries doing?

Analytical reports

The future of work in Australia: Anticipating how new technologies will reshape labour markets, occupations and skill requirements; The Centre for Workplace Leadership, University of Melbourne; Dr Joshua Healy, Daniel Nicholson & Professor Peter Gahan

Key Skills for the 21st Century: An evidence-based review; Centre for International Research on Education Systems, Victoria University; Professor Stephen Lamb, Dr Quentin Maire & Esther Doecke

Education: Future Frontiers - Preparing for the best and worst of times; University of Sydney; Professor John Buchanan, Dr Rose Ryan, Professor Michael Anderson, Professor Rafael A. Calvo, Professor Nick Glozier & Dr Sandra Peter

Background paper

This background paper explores how 21st century competencies have developed in Australia and around the world.

Hard Focus on Soft Skills

Dr Phil Lambert is a former General Manager of the Australian Curriculum at ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority) and senior executive with the NSW Department of Education. He is now the lead curriculum expert to the OECD's Education 2030 project.

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