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News and media articles about developments in artificial intelligence and technology, and their impact on education.

The Education for a Changing World Symposium will be livestreamed on 9-10 November.


Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's World

Delivered on 29 June 2017 to the Trans Tasman Business Circle by Mark Scott, Secretary, NSW Department of Education:

Media articles

Human touch tipped to hold out against AI

Human skills will be even more important in the classrooms of the future.

Teaching kids 21st century skills will help prepare them for their future

A re-envisioned early childhood education system can help prepare kids for the challenges of the future.

Educating for a digital world: the challenge

Students will need to be prepared for a new type of citizenship.

Minister highlights impact of AI on schools

The Minister for Education says students should be encouraged by the future - not afraid of it.

AI: Urgent need to 'reconceive schooling' to ensure workforce not consigned to joblessness

AI could transform education by freeing teachers from mundane administration and assessment tasks.

Schools need to prepare children for a future dominated by intelligent machines

Skills and capabilities will need to become more focused on how students learn in our schools.

School of the Future: what can our our kids learn from robots?

Lateline goes inside one primary school that is embracing technology in the classroom.

How to ensure AI is good for girls: a robot for every child

Will the over-representation of certain groups in AI development lead to discrimination bias?

It’s imperative we get assessment right in testing times

Technology and AI provides opportunities to make meaningful assessments that track improvement over time.

The changing face of education in the artificial intelligence world

Students starting school in 2017 will need to be skilled in critical thinking, creativity and empathy.

Preparing our children for life-long learning

Today’s education system needs to set the foundation for young people to thrive in life and work into 2050 and beyond.

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