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Future Frontiers – Education for an AI World (e-Book)

This compilation of essays canvasses perspectives from thought leaders, technology experts and futurists from Australia and around the world.

Book cover - Future Frontiers: Education for an AI World
Future Frontiers: Education for an AI World considers the impact of AI and what skills students will need to learn.

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A joint publication by Melbourne University Press and the NSW Department of Education.

When today’s kindergartner is of prime working age and supporting a family, machine intelligence will have penetrated nearly every facet of daily life and corner of the workplace. Future Frontiers: Education for an AI World is for everyone within the education community who is searching for answers to critical questions.  What will children need to know when they leave school? What skills and values will they need to lead rich and fulfilling lives? In a world where many of the tasks that make up their parents’ jobs will be done by machines, what will our students need to draw on from their school education to thrive?

The leading academics and thinkers who have authored these essays challenge us to think deeply about how education responds to a rapidly changing world and encourage us to pursue greater innovation across the education system.

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