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Edspresso Episode 7: Understanding how creativity develops, with Ronald Beghetto

Ronald Beghetto explains why all students need to be creative thinkers. He considers whether creativity is a generic skill, and how – or if – we should assess it in schools.

What is creativity, and how can we prepare all students to think creatively? Why might creative thinking be valuable in an AI future?

To find out, we speak to Ronald Beghetto, a Professor of Educational Psychology, and Director of Innovation House at the University of Connecticut. Ron has authored several popular books, including most recently: Beautiful Risks: Having the Courage to Teach and Learn Creatively

Ron is the author of our upcoming occasional paper, On Creative Thinking in Education: 10 Questions, 10 Answers.

Credits: Recording and production by Jennifer Macey (Audiocraft), editing by Andy Maher, and voiceovers by Sally Kohlmayer.

Transcript Episode 7: Understanding how creativity develops, with Ron Beghetto.

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