Edspresso Episode 4: Thinking critically for an AI world, with Peter Ellerton

Peter Ellerton explains why critical thinking will be valuable in an artificial intelligence (AI) future and what teachers should be aiming for when teaching their students how to be critical thinkers.

What is critical thinking, and how can education best support its development? Why can’t we outsource our cognitive concerns to machines? Is critical thinking transferrable across domains?

In this Edspresso episode we hear from Peter Ellerton, the founding Director of the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project, and a former Head Teacher of Experimental Sciences.

Peter is the author of our occasional paper – On critical thinking and collaborative inquiry.

Credits: Recording and production by Jennifer Macey (Audiocraft), editing by Andy Maher, and voiceovers by Sally Kohlmayer.

Transcript Episode 4: Thinking critically for an AI world

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