Edspresso Episode 3: The ethical implications of AI decision-making, with Lyria Bennett Moses

Lyria Bennett Moses considers the risks of outsourcing decision making to smart machines and the role of education in mitigating these risks.

Should AI algorithms decide who gets bail or a bank loan? How is big data changing our world? And how can education prepare young people to design and challenge smart technology?

To find out, we talk to Lyria Bennett Moses, a Professor and Director of the Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation at the University of NSW.

Lyria has written extensively about the dangers of AI bias in the legal system, and why it’s crucial for everyone to understand how smart machines are impacting on our society.

Lyria is the author of our occasional paper Helping future citizens navigate an automated, datafied world.

Credits: Recording and production by Jennifer Macey (Audiocraft), editing by Andy Maher, and voiceovers by Sally Kohlmayer

Transcript Episode 3: The ethical implications of AI decision-making.

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