Edspresso Episode 8: Industry needs more than STEM education, with Sandy Plunkett

Sandy Plunkett talks about why studying humanities and building technical expertise is a smart investment.

Does industry really value 21st century skills, such as collaboration, over technical expertise? Is it becoming harder for industry to predict the skills it will need? And why should education be thinking about AI and its potential effects?

To answer these questions, we speak to Sandy Plunkett, a leading commentator and analyst of the global technology sector. Sandy’s career spans 25 years in the Australian and International technology sectors in venture capital, startups, academia and media.

Credits: Recording and production by Jennifer Macey (Audiocraft), editing by Andy Maher, and voiceovers by Sally Kohlmayer.

Transcript Episode 8: Industry needs more than STEM education, with Sandy Plunkett

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