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Edspresso Episode 2: The AI future is here and what this means for education, with Toby Walsh

Toby Walsh describes how artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies are changing our society and implications for education.

Why is artificial intelligence such a big deal? How urgently do we need to prepare for it? What might it mean for school education?

To learn more, we interview Toby Walsh, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of NSW. Toby is a leading global expert on AI and its ethical implications, and author of the new book titled 2062: The World that AI Made.

Toby is the author of our occasional paper – The AI Revolution.

Credits: Recording and production by Jennifer Macey (Audiocraft), editing by Andy Maher, and voiceovers by Sally Kohlmayer.

Transcript Episode 2: The AI future is here and what this means for education

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