Data, survey information and evaluations to date indicate that Connected Communities schools are improving significantly, particularly in:

  • Aboriginal community engagement with the school
  • cultural and language programs for staff and students
  • student attendance and engagement in primary schools
  • capital works improvements to the school learning environments
  • primary NAPLAN results.

Current reviews

The Connected Communities Strategy is being evaluated by the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE). Evaluation strategies include comprehensive annual data collection and reporting, reviews of NAPLAN results and surveys of students and families, all within a formal evaluation plan. CESE will publish the report addressing all deliverables of the strategy will be published.

Past reviews

An interim evaluation report of Connected Communities (September 2015) was published on the CESE website in February 2016. Although it was only able to cover the first two years of implementation, the interim evaluation report noted a number of significant early gains for Connected Communities schools, and made recommendations about areas for improvement which have since been addressed.

Learn more about evaluations on the Connected Communities section.

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