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Wellbeing Framework for Schools – at a glance

The Wellbeing Framework supports schools to create safe, supportive learning environments that enable students to connect, succeed and thrive.

Wellbeing contributes significantly to the learning and life outcomes of children and young people. Schools play a very important role in supporting and building the wellbeing of every child.

The Wellbeing Framework for NSW public schools contextualises wellbeing to individual students, school settings and local school communities. The framework strengthens the cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development of students to allow them to connect, succeed and thrive.

The department is committed to creating quality learning opportunities for children and young people.

Our students will:

  • be actively connected to their learning, have positive and respectful relationships and experience a sense of belonging to their school and community
  • be respected, valued, encouraged, supported and empowered to succeed
  • grow and flourish, do well and thrive.

Parents entrust their children and young people to principals, teachers and school staff with confidence that schools will deliver on this agenda.

For more information, visit Wellbeing Framework for Schools.

The Wellbeing Framework for Schools has an overarching statement of commitment to support students to connect, succeed and thrive at each stage of their development and learning. Public schools in NSW are required to have a planned approach to support the wellbeing of all students.

The Framework is underpinned by a Behaviour Code for Students which outlines the standards of behaviour expected in all NSW public schools.

The Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation conducted a literature review on student wellbeing, which identified several elements that affect student wellbeing. These include:

  • creating a safe environment
  • ensuring students are well connected
  • engaging students in learning
  • promoting social and emotional learning through a whole school approach.

The Wellbeing Framework for Schools addresses these elements, which in turn support schools in the implementation of the School Excellence Framework .

Public schools in NSW must have a planned approach to support the wellbeing of all students.

Resources to help schools include:

The evaluation approach for the Wellbeing Framework is currently under development.

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