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A to Z priorities

Below is a list of all current priorities. View past priorities.

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  1. B
    • Bump It Up

      The Bump It Up strategy identifies schools that have the greatest capacity to improve students' performance in literacy and numeracy.

  1. C
    • Complaints Handling Improvement Program

      The Complaints Handling Improvement Program aims to improve how we respond to and manage complaints.

    • Connected Communities

      Connected Communities aims to address the educational and social aspirations of Aboriginal children and young people in 15 rural and remote schools.

    • Customer Service Improvement

      We are committed to improving customer service and are implementing a range of initiatives to improve our interactions and relationships.

  1. E
    • Early Action for Success

      Early Action for Success is the department’s commitment to improving students’ literacy and numeracy performance in the early years of schooling.

    • Education for a Changing World

      Education for a Changing World examines how advances in artificial intelligence and related technologies will affect education.

    • Every Student, Every School

      Every Student, Every School is a learning and support framework for students with additional needs and their teachers.

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  1. R
    • Rural and Remote Education Blueprint

      Rural and Remote Education: a blueprint for action aims to improve the quality of education for students in NSW rural, regional and remote schools.

  1. S
    • School Leadership Strategy

      The School Leadership Strategy increases support for school leaders so they can focus on leading teaching and learning in their schools.

    • Start Strong

      Start Strong aims to ensure all children participate in 600 hours of preschool education in the year before school.

    • Supported Students, Successful Students

      To support student wellbeing in NSW public schools, the NSW Government has allocated an increased investment for counselling and wellbeing services.

  1. W
    • Wellbeing Framework for Schools

      The Wellbeing Framework aims to provide safe, supportive learning environments for all students to connect, succeed and thrive in their education.

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