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HSC milestone: Thank you teachers

Now is the moment where we all share disbelief that we have only a 10-week term ahead of us to reach the end of the 2018 school year.

A group of 5 HSC students smile as they walk to class.

We keep students at the centre and are committed to their improvement.

So much has been achieved, so much has to be done, and there is not much time left. Term 4 is always busy, exhausting and exciting as the year draws to a close.

I want to thank all our secondary school teachers who have worked so hard to prepare HSC students this year. The exams lie ahead but behind now is all the preparation of class work, assignments, projects and assessment tasks.

It is a vast and challenging proposition to prepare and support students every year. And I know that throughout the holidays many schools had open doors, providing last-minute assistance for students as they made their final preparations.

It is an important milestone – one which so many of us remember from our own school days. Thanks for all you have done to support this year’s students.

There is always a challenge in Term 4 to make a strong close to the year and also do the necessary preparation for the year ahead. Staff across the department are hard at work to plan budget allocations, assist with staff movements and ensure that, as far as possible, we are meeting every infrastructure need. It is a vast undertaking in a system of this size. Thanks to all who put in the long hours to make the process work as seamlessly as possible.

The new term will provide inevitable tests and challenges but in all we do, we look to keep students at the centre – committed to their improvement and their successful futures. Thanks for the work you are doing, in the service of our students and public education.

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Mark Scott

About the Secretary

Mark Scott is Secretary of the Department of Education. He has worked as a teacher, in public administration and as a journalist and media executive. He is committed to public education and learning environments where every child can flourish.

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