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Summer school’s in for new teachers

A new generation of NSW teachers will start ‘summer school’ today with an intensive professional mentoring program to provide more support for classroom careers.

About 100 new and early career teachers from metropolitan, rural and remote schools will refine their craft and learn from experienced teacher mentors and principals in the two-day event being held by the Department of Education.

Education Minister Rob Stokes said experienced teachers will focus on imparting ‘soft skills’ to the early career teachers in areas such as student wellbeing, behaviour management and parent contact to complement the strong discipline knowledge expected from our new teachers.

“Like any job, there are some skills that teachers can only learn with experience and it’s vital that our early career teachers feel supported – particularly as they start out in their careers,” Mr Stokes said.

“Teachers are not just educators, but often have to wear the hat of a counsellor, a manager, a negotiator – all skills that can’t necessarily be learnt in a textbook.”

Almost 900 new teachers will start work in NSW public schools when school returns from 29 January. Of these new teachers, one-third are aged under 25.

“We are ensuring that the best possible teaching graduates are entering our public school system and that they feel supported as they progress through their careers,” Mr Stokes said.

The summer school teachers will be supported throughout 2019 by their principals and 20 experienced teachers who have been trained as mentors.

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