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Students shine with celebrity maths tutors

Australia’s best known numbers nerd Adam Spencer teamed up with WooTube creator Eddie Woo to bring problem-solving to life for students across the State.

Eddie Woo takes students through problem solving games at A Day of Maths

Eddie Woo makes maths fun for students at A Day of Maths

More than 500 students from 48 public schools came together at a special day of maths, where students and teachers were inspired to look at numbers in new ways.

The NSW Department of Education hosted the event at the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics Senior Lecturer Dr Donna Salopek spoke to students about the Girls in Mathematics Program. Eddie Woo and Adam Spencer then delivered dazzling displays of arithmetic genius, exploring maths principles to inspire students and their teachers.

Education Minister Rob Stokes said he was thrilled to see so many students and teachers engage in maths.

“This special event made maths fun for our students while inspiring some of our best teachers with problem-solving and puzzles,” Mr Stokes said.

“Whether you become an engineer or a baker, a scientist or a plumber, everyone needs to have an appreciation of maths.”

In October, the NSW Government introduced a new Maths Strategy that aims to boost the number of students studying maths in the final years of school, with specialist teachers recruited to ensure students are equipped with important life skills and prepared for the jobs of the future.

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