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New preschool campaign will ensure no child misses out

Families will be more aware of how important an early childhood education is for children in the years before school, with a new campaign launched by the NSW Government targeting parents with children below the age of five.

Minister for Early Childhood Education Sarah Mitchell said the awareness campaign, which involves a series of print, online and radio advertisements, highlights the benefits of participating in a preschool program and will be a reminder for young families to consider enrolling their children in an early childhood service.

“Evidence shows that children who participate in early childhood education gain lasting benefits, including the development of their emotional, social and cognitive abilities in preparation for primary school,” Ms Mitchell said.

“The purpose of this campaign is to promote these benefits to those who might not necessarily be aware of the wonderful early childhood services our State has to offer, including families from disadvantaged or linguistically diverse backgrounds.”

Ms Mitchell also said that the campaign, which will be rolled out from January onwards, will feature children from all over the State, and tells the story of how they benefit from interacting with their peers as well as with expert staff.

“Parents need to know that not only will their children benefit from interaction with other preschoolers, they will also have access to top quality educators which will ensure their learning is enhanced during the formative years,” she said.

“90 per cent of a child’s brain development happens in their first five years, and as a mum myself, I know how quickly they change and grow during this period.

“The NSW Government is urging all families to seriously consider early childhood education for their children to ensure they have the best possible start to their educational journey.”

Dr. Sandra Cheeseman, Senior Lecturer, Department of Educational Studies at Macquarie University and former early childhood teacher, director and senior manager, said young children can teach us a lot from their experiences.

“Children show us how much they know about things that are important to them. They are curious and eager to learn about their world and share their ideas. Watching how they interact at preschool illustrates how children of this age enjoy being with friends and creating opportunities to try out new things and learn from each other,” she said.

Here's where you can watch the footage.

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