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Ministers progress NAPLAN review

The New South Wales, Victorian and Queensland Governments have today outlined the terms of reference for the Review into NAPLAN ahead of Education Council tomorrow.

The review, initiated in June by NSW Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell, will determine the objectives for standardised testing in Australia, consider features of effective assessment programs in other countries, identify short and long-term improvements to standardised testing. It will also recommend systematic improvements to ensure Australia has one of the most efficient and effective assessment platforms in the world.

Ms Mitchell said that whilst the NSW Government believes an effective diagnostic test is crucially important for teachers, parents and governments, it is time for a shake-up.

“NAPLAN has been in place since 2008, and given the ever-changing nature of the education landscape, both nationally and within states and territories, it is important we assess and consider how we can use a diagnostic test to better support our students,” Ms Mitchell said.

“In 2019, it is clear that a diagnostic test should be on demand, it must be linked to the curriculum, it must focus on student growth and it must test informative writing. NAPLAN, in its current form, does not meet this criteria.”

Minister Mitchell also announced that the review will be led by a panel of highly experienced education experts; Emeritus Professor Barry McGaw, Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith and Emeritus Professor William Louden.

An interim report will be provided to Education Council later this year and Stage 2 of the review will be presented to Education Council in 2020.

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