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Launch of new school anti-bullying strategy

A comprehensive anti-bullying resource, developed under the guidance of leading Australian academics is now available for use by students, teachers and parents.

Minister for Education Rob Stokes and Parliamentary Secretary for Education Gareth Ward today launched a new website that coordinates evidence-based resources for school communities to identify bullying, prevent bullying, and respond to bullying behaviours.

Mr Stokes said students involved in bullying behaviour – either as the perpetrator or the victim – are at higher risk of behavioural, emotional and academic problems.

"This is why the NSW Government is providing resources to schools to ensure students continue to be educated in environments with no tolerance of bullying," Mr Stokes said.

Mr Ward has been leading the consultation for the new resources.

"The new lesson plans within the strategy have been developed by teachers and are now available for all NSW schools." Mr Ward said.

"Schools must act positively to help students who have been bullied and respond appropriately to students who bully others."

In addition to providing new online resources and lesson plans, the new anti-bullying  strategy will also:

  • Significantly expand the Youth Aware Mental Health Program, in collaboration with the Black Dog Institute. This is an evidence-based wellbeing, mental health and suicide prevention program for young people aged 14-16 years.  $4.1 million has been provided to employ 10 accredited trainers at head teacher level;
  • Convene metropolitan and regional anti-bullying workshops and conferences for school staff, students and parents; and
  • Provide professional development and training for teachers and other school staff to prevent and respond to bullying behaviour.

Mr Ward will continue to engage with stakeholder groups and provide appropriate updates to the anti-bullying resources as needed.

"The online resources have been independently reviewed by an expert panel and key stakeholder groups will continue to be consulted in order to ensure we provide the necessary support for students and teachers," Mr Ward said.

The expert panel consists of Professor Ian Hickie AM from the University of Sydney, Professor Donna Cross from the University of Western Australia and Professor Rosemary Johnston from the University of Technology Sydney.

This valuable resource to assist school students and their communities best respond to bullying can be found at antibullying.nsw.gov.au

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