Interim NAPLAN report outlines challenges

The NAPLAN Review interim report outlines the shortfalls of the current national diagnostic test and reiterates education Ministers' concerns.

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said the interim report, commissioned by the NSW Government alongside Queensland, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory looks at everything from the timing and content of the test to how the results are reported.

“This interim report shows us that the test, in its current form, is not providing parents, teachers and schools with diagnostic information in the most efficient way,” Ms Mitchell said.

“It’s encouraging to see the interim report of the NAPLAN Review outlining the same concerns my interstate colleagues and I have had with the testing platform as it stands; including testing deficiencies, the delay of results, and the potential narrowing of the curriculum.

“The release of this interim report brings us a step closer to building a diagnostic system that provides timely and important information about a students’ growth and development throughout their education.”

Ms Mitchell added that when it comes to diagnostic testing in NSW, the Government’s position that it needs to be on demand, linked to the curriculum and focused on student growth hasn’t changed.

“NAPLAN, in its current form, has been in place since 2008, and given the everchanging nature of the education landscape, it is important we continue to reassess to ensure the results and the rollout are as useful and efficient as possible.”

The interim report will be discussed at Education Council next week. The final NAPLAN Review report will be available in 2020.

The review is being undertaken by a panel of highly experienced education experts; Professor Barry McGaw, Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith and Professor William Louden.

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