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HSC written exams begin

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell this morning wished the state’s 75,000 HSC students well ahead of the start of their written examinations.

Starting with English this morning, 123 written exams will be held during the exam period, including the examination of 16 new syllabuses in English, Mathematics, Science and History.

“I thank our dedicated teachers for their hard work in rolling out the new HSC courses, which were introduced to provide students with opportunities to engage in more depth and to develop a greater mastery of knowledge and skills,” Ms Mitchell said.

“I remind students that taking care of themselves is crucial during the exam period. This includes eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep and doing some exercise every day.”

Ms Mitchell said the exams provide students with the opportunity to show what they know and how skillfully they can apply their knowledge.

“Our students have been preparing for these exams for months, and today marks their time to shine and show how hard they have been working,” Ms Mitchell said.

“Keep up the hard work; we are behind you and completely believe in your ability to do your very best.

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to family, friends or your teachers if you feel at all overwhelmed at any time.”

More than 61,000 students across NSW will sit papers in English Standard and Advanced, English Studies and English as an Additional Language or Dialect from 9.50 this morning.

Exams finish on Monday 11 November with Design and Technology and Textiles and Design.

See the 2019 Enrolment Snapshot for more HSC facts and figures.

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