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Families as first teachers: new program highlights the importance of early learning at home

Minister for Early Childhood Education and Aboriginal Affairs Sarah Mitchell has announced a program that will strengthen Aboriginal families’ capacity to provide a rich home learning environment for our state’s youngest learners.

The NSW Government’s Aboriginal Families as Teachers program acknowledges the fact that Aboriginal children are more likely than non-Aboriginal children to show developmental vulnerability and helps to build families’ confidence in their ability to support the healthy development and learning of their children.

“As a mother, I know how important it is for a child’s learning to start and continue at home, and feeling supported through a program like this can have a really positive impact,” she said.

“The Aboriginal Families as Teachers program is another way the Liberals & Nationals Government is ensuring all children in NSW have the best start to their educational journeys as possible.”

The NSW Government will be working alongside local organisations to deliver the Aboriginal Families as Teachers program and to ensure it is relevant, meaningful and useful to families. Organisations will equip families to provide a developmentally rich home learning environment that supports children’s learning and development through literacy and numeracy activities and educational games.

In addition to encouraging engaged learning at home, the program will also help Aboriginal children and their families have successful transitions from early childhood education to primary school.

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