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End of exams is just the beginning for class of 2017

Horse racing lovers won't be the only ones cheering today with this year's HSC students celebrating the end of their exams this afternoon.

Education Minister Rob Stokes is first in congratulating the group, saying it's now time to relax and reflect before they prepare to embark on their promising lives ahead.

"Congratulations on achieving this monumental milestone. The hard work is done, it's now time to take a break, relax and properly celebrate your achievements before making any important decisions about your future," Mr Stokes said.

Design and Technology, Retail Services and Drama are the final exams today. The final three of 117 different exams sat by more than 77,000 students across the state.

"You began these exams three and a half weeks ago as students, you've now finished as young adults. Enjoy the new freedoms this will afford you, but also embrace the responsibilities that come with it," he said.

More than 70,000 students are expected to complete their HSC program in 2017 and 58,000 are expected to be eligible for an ATAR. It marks the end of a 13-year school career that began in 2005 for most students.

Marking is already well underway. More than 5,500 HSC markers are busy working through 420,000 exam papers at home and at nine marking centres around NSW.

Students will receive their results via SMS and email on Thursday 14 December.

For more information see 2017 HSC Facts and Figures:

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