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Awards celebrate excellence in public schools

Education Minister Rob Stokes today honoured the most outstanding students, teachers and parents across NSW public schools in the Minister's Awards for Excellence for 2017.

Mr Stokes said the awards highlight the tremendous contribution that students, teachers, principals, parents and school communities make to public education.

"Congratulations to all award winners who have worked hard to contribute positively to the educational fabric of their school communities." Mr Stokes said.

The Minister also used the ceremony to thank not just the winners, but also everyone across the state who works together in the pursuit of knowledge.

"Schools are just empty buildings without the students, teachers, and parents that make them great." Mr Stokes said.

Awards were presented to 35 students, 37 staff and eight parents from across NSW.

"The students, staff and schools we are recognising reflects the excellence we see every day in NSW public schools," Mr Stokes said.

Public Education Foundation executive director David Hetherington said the foundation was delighted to work with the NSW Education Department in acknowledging the significant achievements of students, education staff and parents.

"These awards are a tribute to their talents, expertise, dedication and tireless commitment to excellence," he said.

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