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Young talent creates an awesome vibe on Schools Spec stage

The Schools Spectacular is shaping up as an awesome experience for first-timer Jazmin Castle and other young performers.

10-year-old Jazmin Castle stands in the seats at the Qudos Bank Arena smiling.

Jazmin Castle, of Turvey Park Public School, is ready to charm audiences when she makes her Schools Spectacular debut as the youngest featured vocalist in the 2018 show.

When 10-year-old Jazmin Castle was named as the youngest featured vocalist in the Schools Spectacular she didn’t realise how amazing her experience was going to be.

The tiny Year 4 student from Wagga Wagga’s Turvey Park Public School had never been to a Schools Spectacular or Qudos Bank Arena, let alone sing to the huge audiences that will pack each of the four shows later this month.

“It’s really big and like cool to think how many people are going to be watching me,” was Jazmin’s first reaction.

“If you think about that a lot, you could get a little bit over excited and it will turn into nerves, but I’m not too nervous, just really, really excited and thinking positively about it.”

As she has progressed with discovering her songs and rehearsing the harmonies and choreography, the Schools Spectacular has turned into an awesome experience for Jazmin.

In fact, two of her three songs are about “awesome”.

Along with fellow featured vocalists, she will be singing ‘Time to be Awesome’ from the ‘My Little Pony’ movie and ‘Everything is Awesome’ penned by Canadian indie pop identical twins Tegan and Sara. Her third song is ‘Partner in Crime’ from ‘Tuck Everlasting’.

Among those joining Jazmin for each of the songs, are two 11-year-old performers, Carmen Kennaway and Sara Petrovski.

Carmen, a Year 6 student at North Curl Curl Public School, is returning to the Schools Spectacular after debuting last year.

“I had such a great experience in 2017,” Carmen said. “I'm sure this year’s show is going to be remarkable and so much fun.”

Like Jazmin, it is Sara’s first Schools Spectacular and she feels like it’s a dream come true.

“This has been my dream since I was in Year 1 when I saw Schools Spectacular on television,” Sara, who is in Year 6 at Peakhurst South Public School, said.

To Sara, the Schools Spectacular theme, ‘The Greatest’, has a very personal meaning.

“So many wonderful opportunities have come my way but this has to be the greatest opportunity of all time,” Sara said.

Tickets are still available for the shows through the Ticketek website.

Jazmin has advice for anyone thinking of joining the audience for the four Schools Spectacular performances on Friday and Saturday, 23 and 24 November, regardless of whether they are travelling from far or near.

“It’s really exciting,” Jazmin said. “There are so many dancers, singers, choir, orchestra and we’ve done a rehearsal with them all and it’s really cool to see how it comes together in the end.

“You should definitely come along because it is a really good show. It’s the greatest.”

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