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The Amazing Race focus on life choices

A Learning Circle is teaching respect and teamwork using innovative activities and challenges.

Students solving a puzzle

Students working together to solve puzzle challenges in The Amazing Race.

The annual Actions and Choices Day at Dorchester Education and Training Unit, located within Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre, promotes an understanding that individual actions can have both positive and negative impacts.

Last week’s ‘Amazing Race’-style event featured challenging activities designed to build teamwork and students’ social and problem-solving skills as well as values of inclusion, honesty and respect.

Working in teams the students were faced with navigating an inflatable maze blindfolded, helping each other to get through the maze before receiving the clue for the next challenge. Staff at the centre were on hand to support students throughout the challenges.

The school’s Learning Circle, an outdoor learning space and garden, played host to a set of activities where students’ patience and observational skills were put to the test.

Alexandra Stylis, relieving principal, said the Learning Circle was used regularly to hold cultural lessons and ceremonies.

“The Learning Circle garden was built with three paths for the disciplines of Respect, Patience and Observation,” she said.

“These disciplines are specifically taught and demonstrated by our students during events and this was no different.”

Each activity aligned with the disciplines and included conducting an Acknowledgement of Country for respect, a tangram puzzle for patience and a memory game for observation.

Other activities during the day included bottle flipping, cup stacking and a basketball shootout where the students had a choice to take a more difficult shot to earn more points.

The day concluded with students reflecting on the activities and discussing what did and didn’t work throughout the race. This gave students an understanding how their actions and choices in life can lead them down different paths, and that with the right support and skills you can make the right choices in life.

Dorchester Education Training Unit is located within Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre and houses children and young men and women from ages 10 to 21. The duration of stay varies depending on individual circumstances and the centre has students who have attended the school from a couple of days to a number years.

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