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Students with disability shine on stage

Around 150 students from 36 government schools across greater Sydney have wowed audiences in the first ever performing arts show dedicated to students with disability.

Excited students hug and cheer at the Shining Stars show

Students with a range of disabilities performed at the Shining Stars show last week.

The Shining Stars show featured visual arts exhibitions as well as dance, drama and music performances by kindergarten to year 12 students with a range of disabilities.

Attracting around 250 visitors across two days, the show was a culmination of work created by nominated students during four separate four-day workshops throughout the year.

Principal of Chalmers Road School and event organiser, Michelle Davies, said students and teachers were enthusiastic to have their own creative and performing arts presentation.

“The richness and variety of the skills of our students was really well showcased on a stage dedicated entirely to them and their talent,” Michelle said.

“By bringing these students together the Shining Stars show generated a wonderful atmosphere, with students encouraging each other’s ideas and ambitions.

“We also saw the students gain a kind of confidence that can’t be taught in the classroom, and this is as much a benefit in their normal school life as it is on stage.

“The Shining Stars show is also a wonderful opportunity to recognise the amazing work of teachers and support staff who work tirelessly to provide students with disabilities with unique and effective learning opportunities.

“It was also a special moment for parents and carers, who were amazed by the positive impact this program has had on the confidence and wellbeing of the students involved,” she said.

The Shining Stars show was held at the Campbelltown Arts Centre on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 October, 2018.

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