Students take a seat at the table

Students at NSW public schools have two new platforms to help shape their education system.

Image: The Minister's Student Council will give students a say alongside the department's leaders, while the Student Voice Hub will let the broader community hear what matters to them.

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell today announced the first Minister's Student Council, a group of students that will have a direct influence on education and school policy that affects students.

A new online Student Voice Hub has also launched, giving all NSW students a platform to share their views and creativity with the wider community.

Ms Mitchell said that the two new platforms are exciting and important tools for students, giving them greater capacity to provide feedback to government.

"Students are at the centre of everything we do in education and these platforms empower them to influence public policy," Ms Mitchell said.

"The Student Council will be the peak forum for interaction between NSW public school students, the department and myself.”

Ms Mitchell said students would decide the exact design of the council but it is expected that all secondary students will have the opportunity to provide input.

“Delegates will be elected from a range of secondary schools to form the council and will meet with decision-makers within the NSW schools system to develop policy,” Ms Mitchell said.

The council is reinforced by the new Student Voice Hub strengthening the ongoing engagement of students with the department, each other and the wider community.

Ms Mitchell said the Student Voice Hub is a partnership in learning and listening that will play a key role in building a better education system as student perspectives, experiences and aspirations shape and enrich our schools and communities.

“The Student Voice Hub would also provide students opportunities to refine their writing and content creation skills along with pitching their stories and ideas," Ms Mitchell said.

"As part of the submission process to the hub, students will have the opportunity to refine their ideas and articles.”

The first elected Minister’s Student Council will begin in 2021. Further information about being involved in the council will be provided to school principals.

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