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Students onboard for Christmas makeover

Schools across Sydney have redecorated buses in a much-loved festive tradition.

a group of students sit on the seats of a bus decorated with tinsel, posters and other paper decorations

Boronia Park students decorate their bus with tinsel and posters.

Students at four Sydney schools have given local buses a makeover, as part of State Transit’s annual Christmas program.

Boronia Park Public School principal Liz Stanford was honoured her school was chosen by State Transit.

“The kids were so excited. I think it was a very good experience,” Mrs Stanford said.

Every student in the school contributed to the makeover, leaving the bus with “wall to wall posters”.

Manly West, Neutral Bay and Mona Vale public schools also partnered with local bus depots for the competition.

While the Christmas buses have run annually since 2005, this is the first time students have had a hand in the decorations.

State Transit CEO Steffen Faurby said he expected commuters would love the redecorated buses.

“We gave local primary school kids the chance to put their arts and craft skills to the test on the Christmas buses, and the results speak for themselves,” Mr Faurby said.

Students used tinsel, baubles, snow frosting and cardboard cut-outs to decorate the buses, which will keep the festive fare running until December 31.

Sydney commuters can locate the Christmas buses using real time transport apps including TripView and NextThere.

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