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Spec stars to burst onto screens

Schools Spectacular will be seen Australia-wide on the 7 Network, Saturday 16 December

Schools Spectacular 2017 broadcast

The 2017 Schools Spectacular will be broadcast on the 7 Network on Saturday 16 December.

The 5700 students who starred in the triumph of the 2017 Schools Spectacular are set to shine again.

This time they will delight upwards of a million viewers as their amazing performances are beamed across Australia on the Seven Network in the primetime slot of 7:00pm on Saturday, 16 December.

Shot with 15 cameras at vantage points throughout Sydney's Qudos Bank, the telecast of the whole show will offer unparalleled appreciation of the enormous talents of the performers in the show.

"It really is a must-see," said Creative Director Sonja Sjolander.

"There is a reason that audiences, whether in the arena or watching on television, have so much anticipation for the Schools Spectacular each year.

"The vitality of these outstanding young performers is pure joy.

"Schools Spectacular has something for everybody.

"While it was electric in the arena, on television the show offers a completely different dimension of enjoyment.

"It has been magnificently captured by our partners Chief Entertainment for the Seven Network and I'm confident viewers will be thrilled by what they see."

Ms Sjolander said it will be a chance for the thousands of singers, dancers, musicians, circus performers, actors, stage and production crew and teachers and school staff who made Schools Spectacular 2017 the "biggest and best show ever" to Own the Moment with family and friends.

"Watch out for faces you know," Ms Sjolander said.

"This coverage is so brilliant that you will feel you are right there on stage with them."

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