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Spec stars back

Schools Spectacular 2017 performers return triumphantly to their schools from Qudos Bank Arena and Sydney's Olympic Park.

Schools Spectacular 2017 performance

The 2017 Schools Spectacular was the biggest ever with more than 5700 performers.

More than 5700 Schools Spectacular performers return to their schools today with the joy of enthusiastic applause of appreciative audiences ringing in their ears.

Staged at Qudos Bank Arena at Sydney's Olympic Park in four thrilling performances, the 34th Schools Spectacular was a triumph.

Executive Producer, Jane Simmons said every performer should be thrilled by their achievement.

"Schools Spectacular this year was absolutely wonderful," Ms Simmons said.

"It was our biggest show ever.

"Our expectations were high and everyone hit the mark."

Fellow Executive Producer, Rosemary Davis said a show of the scale of the Schools Spectacular does not come together so well without enormous effort and co-operation, plus months of dedicated preparation and practise.

"While the students are the stars, we must also pay tribute to the commitment of teachers and  other school staff and the families behind every star," Ms Davis said.

"Schools Spectacular is special and to be part of this amazing show lives long with performers.

"Anyone who played a part of stage, behind the scenes or back at school or home should be congratulated."

This year's Schools Spectacular again traversed the broad spectrum of entertainment from dramatic ballet accompanied by the 80-piece symphony orchestra and 2700-voice choir through musical theatre to bouncy hip-hop and pop tunes.

At times the arena stage is flood by swirling colourful student performers then switches to a single vocalist enchanting the audience with her powerful voice.

Schools Spectacular has been a launchpad unveiling many of the names that populate the entertainment industry, not the least being the show's veteran host, John Foreman, who was introduced to the School's Spectacular as a student at Newcastle's Kotara High School.

An innovation for Schools Spectacular 2017 was SpecFest, a parallel event outside the arena which not only brought a new dimension to showcase more student talent but also presented interesting displays and activities to entertain the audiences thronging to the shows.

Schools Spectacular will be broadcast next month on the 7 Network.

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