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Schools formalise partnership with parents

A new charter outlines the expectations of schools and their communities on how they communicate and collaborate to create a positive learning environment.

five school students stand together in a group, smiling and waving

All schools welcome parental involvement in their children’s learning.

The School Community Charter, announced by Minister for Education Rob Stokes, focuses on the positive interactions between school staff and families and the longstanding respectful partnerships.

Mr Stokes said the new charter would create the best outcomes for students.

“It’s a question of developing a genuine partnership to support students, in which everyone is treated fairly and diversity is fully respected,” he said.

The charter says parents and carers can expect:

  • To be welcomed into our schools to work in partnership to promote student learning.
  • Communication from teaching staff will be timely, polite, informative and solutions-focused.
  • Professional relationships with school staff will be based on transparency, honesty and mutual respect.
  • To be treated fairly. Tolerance and understanding are promoted as we respect diversity.

The charter outlines schools’ expectations of clear, appropriate and respectful communications. It also reminds parents and carers that schools will take steps to address unacceptable behaviour to ensure the wellbeing of students, staff and the school community. The charter outlines examples of these behaviours such as:

  • Aggressive or intimidating actions and language, such as violence, threatening gestures or the use of obscenities, making sexist, racist or derogatory comments.
  • Treating members of the school community differently due to aspects such as their religion or disability.
  • Inappropriate and time-wasting communication.

All schools welcome parental involvement in their children’s learning. Opportunities include helping in classrooms with reading and maths programs, coaching sports teams or creative arts groups, and volunteering with P&C associations.

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