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Quality is the star in education and care rating system

An easy-to-understand star ratings system will help parents to learn more about their childcare provider.

Dorothy the Dinosaur helps launch the new ratings guide for the National Quality Framework.

A family friendly ratings guide for children’s education and care services was announced this week, giving NSW parents access to more information about how their service rates under the National Quality Framework (NQF).

Dorothy the Dinosaur danced her way through the media launch, with children, families and educators singing along helping to increase the focus on the importance of quality in education and care.

Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning Sarah Mitchell said the Quality Ratings Guide would be welcomed by families and services.

“Ensuring parents and carers can engage closely with services about the rating of their children’s education and care service is essential for improving quality,” Ms Mitchell said

“Services will be required to display their quality rating in a prominent location, using the easy-to-follow star graphic.

“To help with increasing the focus on quality, services will also be asked to provide more detailed rating information to parents and families at enrolment from July 1, 2020.”

She said the NSW Government had allocated a further $8 million to support providers to improve quality at their services, building on the $5 million already invested.

Early Childhood Australia chief executive officer Samantha Page said the Quality Ratings Guide would be a great way for families to start a conversation with services.

“Parents should play an active role in communicating with services about all aspects of quality, and the star graphic invites them to learn more about quality improvement,” Ms Page said.

“It also gives services the opportunity to pro-actively engage and focus on quality as an ongoing priority.”

The Quality Ratings Guide will display a service’s overall NQF rating, as well as how the service is rated against each of the seven quality areas.

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