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Play for fun to encourage participation in sport

A new initiative is getting students more physically active, more often.

Students playing beach volleyball

Students play volleyball at the Maroubra Beach launch.

Thousands of primary and secondary students across Sydney public schools will have access to a wider range of sporting activities following the launch of the ‘play for fun’ initiative.

Aiming to encourage participation in physical activity and develop a lifelong enjoyment of sport by focusing on fun and participation, options such as beach volleyball, skateboarding, ultimate frisbee, orienteering and Indigenous games are being introduced in schools within the Sydney East Schools Sports Association.

Around 100 students had the chance to try some of the high quality sporting opportunities on offer when the initiative was launched last week at Maroubra Beach.

Peter Banks, Sydney East PSSA President, said ‘play for fun’ focuses on engaging children to be lifelong participants in physical activity.

“We hope to engage students in a range of sports, some of them non-traditional, with the emphasis on fun and participation in a space where they have not been before,” he said.

Andrew Marshall, Sport Participation Officer (Sydney East), said the initiative encourages students to participate in different types of physical activities.

“We are passionate about providing students with an opportunity to ‘play for fun’ and develop an enjoyment of sport and physical activity that they will carry with them throughout their life,” he said.

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