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New app for workplace learning

Department launches My Workplace Evidence app to help students track their workplace learning as part of their HSC VET courses.

A new smartphone app to help students capture their learning in the workplace as part of their HSC VET courses was officially launched today during National Skills Week.

The My Workplace Evidence app, developed by the NSW Department of Education, allows school students studying Vocational Education & Training (VET) courses to electronically submit evidence of their workplace learning.

HSC students studying VET complete 70 hours of mandatory work placement as part of their course. Students are then required to submit evidence demonstrating the industry skills and knowledge they have developed in the workplace.

The innovative app will make it easier for students to navigate the process and record evidence of their workplace learning in a timely and efficient manner.

Students will be able to upload photos, audio, videos and scanned material which can then be viewed by their VET teacher for assessment purposes.

Robyn Pemberton, Leader, VET for Secondary Students said the app will simplify the process of how students document their development of industry skills, and uses technology that young people access every day.

"Collecting evidence and completing paper forms can be distracting and time consuming when the student's focus should be on what they are learning," she said.

"Often the paperwork gets put off until later, which makes it difficult to remember key details, so this mobile technology aims to help students capture and upload their evidence on the spot."

The app has recently been piloted by students studying VET Hospitality courses as part of their HSC. Student feedback found the app was a simple and effective tool to assist learning.

The app also has resources and information on relevant topics such as preparing for work placement and career pathways within the industry students are studying.

The department is working with NSW Work Placement Service Provider networks to engage with industry and encourage the use of the app with students and employers.

The NSW Department of Education supports schools and teachers, through the four NSW Public Schools Registered Training Organisations, to ensure each VET course delivered complies with the national standards.

The app is available for download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.

A short animation on how the app works is available on YouTube and further information is available at the VET programs website.

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